We are a creative design, product development, content development and fully managed Ecommerce services agency based in Huntington Beach, CA.

What We Do


Craftwork is a full-service creative design agency committed to developing meaningful connections between your brand and audience. Our talented artists develop compelling brand statements through product and digital design that elevate our partner brands.

Our creative services include leading graphic and digital design, product design and brand identity building.



Craftwork brings on-trend product concepts to life that drive conversion and enable our partners to further monetize their brands at retail or online.

Our production team leverages a vast domestic and international supplier network and best-in-class local finishing services to bring high quality, retail ready pieces to life. 

Craftwork also provides direct-to-garment on-demand production development in-house through our state-of-the-art Brother GT-381 DTG printer. We produce high-quality custom merchandise on a premium blank library that enables our partners to generate meaningful revenue with no inventory investment.


Craftwork provides fully-managed enterprise level ecommerce experiences to maximize product sell-through for our partners. Our comprehensive ecommerce offering includes custom multi-channel ecommerce storefront development, direct-to-consumer strategy and daily execution, direct marketing strategy, spend optimization and performance measurement, in-house product design, sourcing and development, on-demand printing, inventory management, warehousing, fulfillment and customer care among other services.

Craftwork’s talented team of artists, product design and sourcing managers, direct marketers and operations staff are dedicated to growing our partner’s direct to consumer ecommerce business. We provide all of these services at an elite level from our headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA. 



Craftwork’s content team develops compelling brand statements to further fuel audience engagement through all digital and social channels. Our lifestyle brand photography and video content draws new followers while driving commerce conversion.

Craftwork collaborates closely with our partner’s social teams to optimize post strategy measure effectiveness, expand engagement and drive commerce revenue.

Fulfillment +
Customer Care

Craftwork offers full-scale personalized fulfillment services from our in-house warehouse and distribution center, providing professional support services at a fraction of the cost of Amazon FBA and other 3PL service providers. Our operational services include warehousing, receiving, pick-pack-ship, personalized packaging solutions, inventory and supplier management services, order management and logistics support, multi-carrier global shipping coverage and in-brand customer care support services.


list of services


  • Creative design
  • Brand identity
  • Web design and development
  • ecommerce
  • Content creation
  • Digital media
  • Amazon marketplace stores
  • Product design
  • Product sourcing and development
  • On-demand direct-to-garment printing
  • Photography, videography and drone footage
  • Fulfillment
  • Customer care
  • Personalized custom packaging

who we are

We are a passionate group of artists, production, operations and ecommerce managers dedicated to executing for your company to elevate your brand. It is this shared goal that unifies our team and fuels our effort to provide world-class service in support of your valued organization.

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"The Craftwork team is a hard working and hugely effective partner for Playboy. They have added tremendous value to our direct to consumer business through their creative design, product development, ecommerce management, direct marketing, fulfillment and customer care services. Most importantly this talented team has dramatically grown revenue while lowering operating costs. We love working with this group and are thrilled about this partnership."
Reena Patel